Thursday, March 20, 2008

In which I run out of zip

Yesterday was my last day interning. I was full of hope. I was also full of snot. And tired to boot.

Luckily I had this above the machine as a reminder:
And a little help from Miggs with the really fiddly finishing bits when I ran out of time because I had arranged an early evening date with my favorite almost-ten-year-old:
who considers the perfect date burning through $30 on games at Time Zone and devouring one of the chocolate bars he "won" before eating a large KFC meal and finishing off the experience with a huge ice cream from Kaffee Eis. Gulp. I'm so pleased I'm just the honorary Auntie so I didn't have to deal with the resulting sugar rush!

Instead I took myself off on a much less sugar-laden date to The St James Theatre (which I've decided is the nicest smelling theatre I've ever been to as they floors are wooden and obviously recently oiled...)
where I saw The New Zealand Ballet's performance of Red. Which, unfortunately I almost fell asleep during because of the (very expensive) drugs I'd taken to keep my nose from running during the performance.

It was a beautiful ballet in a beautiful theatre. I'm glad I made the effort to go. And stay awake.

Oh, and the hoodie? Finished. Beautiful. No photos of the finished object yet. You'll have to be patient...

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