Saturday, March 01, 2008

A spot of morning tea

Gluten and dairy-free cupcakes, iced using the icing thingy I bought *blush* two years ago and finally decided to try out (in true TSS style, a mere half hour before I was due out of the house to work). I think they worked out OK.

My wheat-free colleague certainly thought so...and was rather excited that she had a choice of not one but two sorts of cake to eat, neither of which were orange and almond. Plus a selection of gluten-free crackers and dips:


m1k1 said...

Your pictures always brighten my day.
Oh the joy of having a choice of gluten free goodies. Bet you'll be voted Best Workmate.

Anonymous said...

mmmm with sprinkles even

Peta said...

Can I was where you got them and or what brand your cupcake sprinkles are?

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I got them at Woolies but have no idea what brand they are as I threw the box away. Sorry :-}

Peta said...

Thanks, I will have a look at Woolies. I first saw them on this blog and thought they were really beautiful:

I think they look stunning on your cupcakes.