Friday, March 21, 2008

What's happening?

Thursday was blissfully laid back with the highlights being a trip to The Warehouse to load up on Kiwi music and the hiring of a Singstar for the evening.

Good Friday continued along the same vein with a late start, a wonderful home-cooked brunch and then I settled in to watch Eagle vs Shark (quirky local fun):
while a backgammon tournament took place out the back (with fresh grapes off the vine and local Supreme coffee for snacks)
There was a bush walk
up to the top of Horokiwi to admire the view (while trying not to be blown off the top of the hill!)
(which made Topsy the dog very very happy)
then fish and chips with a bottle of bubbles, the Kiwi tradition of Shortland Street and suddenly it's evening again. And Scrumpy time!

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