Friday, May 23, 2008

Amazing Albury

I was sitting next to Karina from The Albury Library/ Museum at dinner on Wednesday night. The concept of a combined service intrigued me so I decided I should go visit before I left town yesterday. I had no idea what awaited me...What a great concept, but more importantly what a great building! I felt very chuffed to correctly guess the architect as the same one who designed The National Museum as I could see many similar touches across both buildings but nicely pared down for a smaller space and population in Albury.Karina gave me a behind the scenes tour including a peek at the space which will become a cafe which will spill into the park next door. It was almost enough to tempt me to move to Albury immediately.

But first I had to eat. A recommendation from a very groovily dressed staff member at the Library/ Museum had me heading to
Q Food where I had a salmon benny (especially made off menu - thanks guys!) and a skinny latte, I probably would have ended up there anyway without the recommendation as it was situated in the very fine T&G building: By now I was rooly trooly on holiday time and decided a trip across the street to the Art Gallery was a good way to round out my cultural morning.

Here I met Lynne Gasperov, the artist in residence, and had a good natter with her while admiring the contents of the display case housing some of her inspiration from her studio. Luckily the cabinet was locked as my fingers were twitching when I spied these beauties in there:They'd also obviously been expecting me as there was a still life in black and white in the corner which they were using as part of their Hands on Art programme:Alas, by this stage I'd run out of time and had to hit the road. So it was back to Miss Daisy (with a quick poke around the Red Cross op shop on the way, which yielded nothing of interest) and we we off!

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