Thursday, May 08, 2008

A row a day

Over lunch with m1k1 on Saturday I asked how the jumper she was knitting for DH was coming along as I'd seen lots of blogging of little things but no mention of the big thing.

Alas, it would seem it was ever so slightly stalled. As is my Daisy Hoodie.

So I opened my big mouth and heard the words "We could always make it a challenge you know, a row each a day in the hope we'll do more than just one row but even one measly row while standing in the kitchen waiting for the pasta water to boil has to add up eventually..." come out.

she seemed to think it was a good idea.

Therefore I pledge to work a row a day on my damned Daisy Hoodie until it is done. Unfortunately I'll be unpicking a row a day at first as I continue to battle with the left front.

If you've got a stalled knitting project you'd like to kick in the rear end, feel free to join in!


Michelle said...

I love that photo.

What a great idea! If you are going to frog parts of it though, do it all at once. Like a bandaid. Ouch.

Can't wait to see your daisy jumper all finished. It is looking pretty great in progress!

Taphophile said...

Oh all right, I'll do the SIL's bloody awful yarn scarf as my penancy project.

JustJess said...

I'll get the @#!*%$^ socks out and give them another go!

m1k1 said...

Odds on that my tension on the resumed jumper will be different from That Which Came Before.