Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's a sign

When my home internet connection was kaput when I tried to log on yesterday morning and 40 minutes on the phone to a nice chap in the ozemail call centre in Auckland, New Zealand resulted in us deciding that maybe a new ethernet cable was the solution.

Did I have time to get to Dick Smith yesterday? Uh no. Today? Not really. Tomorrow? No way Jose!

So I'm on the wireless modem work provides me. Which is as slow as a wet weekend (one of the reasons I use my own connection to work). Even better*, it won't load Bloglines up at all.

So I guess I'll be having a computer-free weekend except for emergency email checks to see if there are any last minute changes for the markets tomorrow. And a flurry of printing off price lists and stuff.

If you need me I'll be sewing and painting and printing and listing and sorting. And hopefully not panicking!

Oh, and Olivia has a nice roundup of who's going to have stuff to sell on our stall. We'll also have a "Knit Cafe" area which you can use as a meeting point with your friends or a space to take a load off your feet and have a little knit while admiring what everyone else has bought - before racing off to buy some for yourself...

(*Better in the sense that I won't be tempted to "just" log in for a few minutes to read blogs and still be sitting here half an hour later)


Cola Cerbz said...

Aw that sucks :(

Haha the knit cafe area sounds like a cool idea :)

Elizabeth said...

I know the feeling - my broadband connection is still intermittent so I sometimes have to use ye olde dial-up instead. Boy do I get a lot more time on my hands then as I can't spend hours checking out blogs because the connection is too slow. Wishing you all the best with market tomorrow.