Thursday, May 22, 2008

A saga of storytime, submarines, sulking and celebraties

Once upon a time (yesterday, actually) there was A Very Exciting Day.

The Very Exciting Day started when The Shopping Sherpa packed up Miss Daisy, ready for their Big Adventure. They drove happily to work where it was National Simultaneous Storytime Day so TSS (unfortunately Miss Daisy wouldn't fit in the conference room) got paid to sit cross legged on the floor and listen to the story of Arthur, slither like a snake, swim like a fish, meow like a cat and then do some colouring in, cutting out and all those great things you get to do at your local library during storytime. (There was a moment when she almost ended up in The Naughty Corner but we won't go into that...)

Then it was lunchtime and TSS and Miss Daisy headed off toward Albury. But Oh No! there had been a whoopsie on The Barton Highway so it was closed! So TSS and Miss Daisy had to go the long way, making the trip to Yass over 1 and a half hours long instead of 40 minutes.

Luckily TSS is the sort of person who builds contingency time into her contingency time so all was good and they headed further south.

The next excitement happened when TSS and Miss Daisy drove past a flashing sign on the side of the road which said "Roadworks next 125 km". Yep, you read that right. 125 km doing the 110kmph/ 100 kmph/ 80 kmph/ 60 kmph/ 40 kmph dance. It was a slooooooow trip (but very interesting watching the big machines build a new road.)

But the delays were worth it when TSS and Miss Daisy arrived in Holbrook and saw the amazing earky evening light bouncing off the submarine in the park*. They decided it was time to Stop revive and survive and TSS spent a happy 10 minutes or so taking photos while Miss Daisy has a well earned rest(yes, TSS is wearing red. Since she was representing her work at a function and red is work's corporate colour it seemed the right thing to do...)And then in the How Weird is That category, it became clear why a trip that should have taken around 3 hours had taken 5. Just as TSS was thinking it might be time to head off, two chaps arrived and TSS discovered that one of them had actually served on the submarine!So she hung round a while longer for the expert guided tour.

On the road again, more roadworks, and then, finally the tired pair arrived in Albury.

Where Miss Daisy started to complain. Loudly. Poor Dear, obviously isn't used to long trips. What TSS thought was a minor scrape to the front of Miss Daisy when she got a little too cuddly with a pole in a car park had, over the course of 500 plus kilometres turned into something rather more... err... interesting.

Luckily the hotel was within sight so TSS left Miss Daisy to have a rest and checked in just in time to head off to dinner with Wendy Harmer. Well, OK, More precisely Wendy Harmer and 160 other people (but since TSS and Wendy Harmer were on the same table and they got to chat over dinner I think we can leave the definition as Dinner with Wendy Harmer, can't we?)

And that was the end of The Very Exciting Day.

(*Has TSS started a collection guns in parks photos?)

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. Holbrook. My friend and I stopped there on our way down to Melbourne to act like tourists and to take photos. And then on the way back we broke down there too.

I've only just discovered your blog but I'm already an imediate subscriber- it's really swell to know there are other bloggers here in Canberra.

VERY jealous of your collection of Pears by the way. :D