Thursday, May 22, 2008

Seriously though...

Here I am in Albury. With a car which may not be wanting to leave Albury any time soon.

There are far worse places to be and I'm happily sitting in my hotel room having splashed out on $6 for a(nother) ethernet cable from the mini bar and $15 for a day's worth of broadband (because surprise surprise, iBurst just doesn't work here)

Not that I expect to be on the internet all day but when one hour costs $9 and 1 day costs $15 I can afford to be a pessimistic optimist and assume I could be here longer than my planned 11am checkout time.

Luckily I had no real plans today. My next appointment is in Melbourne tomorrow afternoon so instead of spending today rummaging through op shops in Albury, Wangaratta and Seymour I'll be ringing NRMA and maybe then spending the rest of the day admiring some of the beautiful architecture I spotted as I drove through town, visiting the fabulous sounding Library/ Museum and art gallery, And, if all else fails, I do happen to have a sewing machine, an overlocker and a carton of fabric in the car (plus 4 unread magazines and the ubiquitous Daisy Hoodie)

Finally, to put the icing on the cake, my hotel room has a bath! And Albury is only on Level 2 water restrictions so I can have one without feeling guilty!

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Cola Cerbz said...

Sounds like a plan :D ..haha yeh take advantage of the water! :P in NZ we dont have water restriction (....yet..)

Btw, thanks heaps for the gloves. it makes it more special knowing you made them for some reason. But i love them heaps so thank you sooo much!