Thursday, May 15, 2008

The problem with Birthday season

Christmas 1971 (I don't have any childhood birthday photos)

So here I am, just over a week before my birthday, checking out my list of things I want to do today:

* Pay Newsagents. Easy enough. I thought I'd already paid but obviously I forgot.
* Rubbish and recycling out. I love recycling day. I only wish we had rubbish collection only once a fortnight and recycling every week...
* Arrange Nibbs feeding roster for next week. Oops, should have done that days ago!
* Sew bags. Oh, if I must.
* Wash kitchen floor. This has been on the list for almost a week. I suspect it will continue to be on the list tomorrow.
* Knit Daisy Hoodie. Of course.
* Make lunch for tomorrow. We have a Friday lunch club at work and it's my turn to bring it for the three of us
* Check paint on knitting needle knobs and match them into pairs. Yay! Almost done!
* Do accounts. Yawn.
*Subscribe to World Sweet World. Now this is the problem. No, not the actually subscribing but the fact that I always start second guessing when I buy myself anything in May. Maybe someone's bought me a subscription for my birthday. And if I subscribe then I'll have two copies. Which isn't good.

I'm having the same issue with the new Portishead and Moby CDs I want to buy. Maybe they'll be turning up next week wrapped in giftwrap. And yes, I know I could just wait until after the 24th to buy my subscription/ CD/ whatever but I'm not a particularly patient sort.

So I'll cross out Subscribe to World Sweet World and replace it with Tidy Room of Shame. Gulp!

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Cola Cerbz said...

Yeh, I know your problem! Im impatient too but I dont want to risk having 2 of the same thing. I recommend waiting... buy the single if you have to... Or tell people your excited about buying the new CD and suscribing to the magazine so they know not to get it for you.

By the way, I got your parcel today! I love it!!! :D so thank you heaps! Ill blog about it when I pay off my layby. I think the gloves are going to be a regular thing for me, so thank you heaps!!!!!!!

Take care