Monday, May 05, 2008

Triang Times (Part 1)

Do you remember how I said on Saturday that I found some very exciting things? Well this is what happened...

I was doing the speedy reconnaissance of the stalls when I first arrived (do you do that too? Whip around checking the lay of the land before slowing down and really looking (I start from the opposite end that every one else does - so for The London Dolls House Festival that meant the top floor and in Sydney it means the far back corner)). I was primarily looking for the one or two stalls I know stock vintage furniture and sometimes have 1/16th scale. And then I saw this vision of loveliness:(OK, it really looked like this but still!) A stall full of vintage heaven including a vintage Triang dolls house (which instantly made me realise the lost MacGregor house was probably not a Triang after all) plus a similarly designed vintage dolls house by Amershamand Dolly Daydreams house plus a Gottschalk blue roof which I got to gingerly stroke* (once I'd asked permission, of course!)

The Triang and the Maison de Poupees were quite famous as they'd been displayed at the 1999 exhibition at Elizabeth Bay House in Sydney - and here's a shot of the book with the houses (thanks to the random woman I accosted when I saw she'd just been given a copy of the book as a birthday gift and dragged over to "meet" the houses contained within)Did I buy the house? Alas no, much as I wanted to.

It was out of the price range of an impulse purchase no matter how beautiful it was, how wonderfully original the interiors were (including the vintage curtains at the windows) or how perfect the furniture I had at home would have been for it. I consoled myself by believing (hoping?!) that if I had a windfall which made it possible to shoehorn it into my budget (and into my house) it would still be waiting for me. Little House, don't despair, I know where you are!(* I also stroked a Gottschalk on a visit to Kirstin Baybar's' amazing shop in London)

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