Sunday, February 08, 2009

The art of living well on less: frugal entertainment...

We spent yesterday evening at The National Gallery of Australia, arriving around 4pm to escape the incessant heat before heading to a free wine tasting in The Members' Lounge at 5pm. We lounged round in the cool (splitting a bottle of wine between us: $5 each) before heading back into the heat for the free Summer concert in the Sculpture Garden.

Being at the Art Gallery, there was art involved and many people joined in on its creation. The sun went down (but, alas, not the temperature) as the music and painting continued. It was a lovely treat to be hanging out in The Sculpture Garden at night and be able to explore the cooling mist of Fujiko Nakaya's Fog sculpture when the heat got too much... The creativity continued
until, finally, just after 11pm, both the concert and the painting were complete. It was an excellent night.

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