Friday, February 27, 2009

Tittering at Twilight

Have I mentioned before how much I love The ANU Film Group?

We went to their screening of
Twilight last night. The whole theatre spent a good part of the first half in gales of laughter, which I'm not sure was the intended response. But in between the giggles Taph and I noticed something. This movie rated high on the Yarn-o-meter.

There were Bella's mittens
(pattern here, if you're in the mood to replicate them). I counted 4 knitted or crocheted hats, 1 ugly green and white crochet afghan, 1 scarfand 1 zip front cardi/jacket I never managed to get a good look at.

No one was actually seen knitting in the movie, alas...


Watch Twilight Movie said...

Hey, I didn't notice Bella's mittens in the film. You did a great observation when others didn't mind and didn't notice, you did.


rooruu said...

Ah, but I bet that audience wasn't thick with teenage girls. They don't titter. They see their lives, or a life they want, or something that likely eludes a more sophisticated audience. And it has had an amazingly long run in Australian cinemas - it's up to its fifth month. I know lots of kids who've seen it multiple multiple times, and still sigh with happiness.

Admittedly the producers are having to spend more dough on special effects for the next one - the glittery thing, and the leaping, hadn't involved enough money. But they've made a motza from this, so they won't be short of a bean or motivation.

And I nearly inhaled Diet Coke laughing at that spoof video....

Anonymous said...

Knitting pattern for the pictured scarf:
Crochet version:

Crochet pattern for Bella's hat in the beach scene:

Nikki said...

Another movie that is just full of yarny goodness is "The Holiday" with Cameron Diaz and ....whatshername from Titanic....there's at least a dozen gorgeous sweaters there!!!