Monday, February 02, 2009

Relishing the thought of being cool

After vacating the beer fridge yesterday (we figured they might throw us out if we set up camp with fold up chairs, books and maybe a radio) we did the only sensible thing we could think of to stay cool.

We made tomato relish(well, to be precise, Taph made relish and we watched and then helped bottle it)Wait! Before you think we've completely lost it, there was method in our madness. We made tomato relish at Taph's Mum's place. And Taph's Mum has air conditioning!

We finally had to leave the air conditioned comfort and head back here where, knowing that The Old Flame loves a challenge, I set him onto my not-quite-oscillating-properly fan which the stupid electrical fixit place said couldn't be fixed.It's not perfect but it's working much better now...

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