Tuesday, May 12, 2009

April's amazing Swap-bot parcel

arrived yesterday and it was super terrifically fantabulous.It wasn't the composition book and Moleskine notebook that made it super terrifically fantabulous (although I have a slight obsession with good notebooks).Or the large and beautiful vintage button that was used to close the wrapping. Not the Mary Engelbreight note cards that were included.

Neither was it the lovely hand made jewellery that my partner made (I suspect that Scrabble tile is going to end up in one of my miniature room settings rather than around my neck...)No, it was this that made the package super terrifically fantabulous:It arrived with a small note explaining "mainly black & white pages & photos". Australia National Journal 1st edition Winter 1939. I'd never even heard of such a publication but Oh, what a perfect gift for me!

Look! There are Art Deco buildings:Wood engravings:
Models of small houses:(now if I can just sort out how my final design project this year can be a dolls house so I can make one of these up...)

Old suitcasesand cruises to take them on:
There's even knitting!
And design
including the curriculum of the Bauhuas School of Design at Dessau.


m1k1 said...

you are definitely a lucky little black and white duck.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I am indeed and thinking that I need to redress the balance with a birthday giveaway: perhaps once I return from Noumea with goodies...