Sunday, May 03, 2009

On the road again

In which Miss Daisy, Sean, Sola Rosa, Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga and I hit the road.Not literally, of course (although that would be pretty cool)

"Who's Sean?" I hear you ask.
Sean is M's sat nav, who I borrowed for the day. He's thus named because he has a lovely Irish accent.

M tried the Kiwi bloke but he caused fits of laughter every time he gave directions (a danger on the road). The Aussie bloke wasn't much better. And so Sean stayed.

Although Sean can be a bit of an eejit sometimes. For instance, as you can see here, he thinks Lake George is full of water...


Rebecca said...

I guess this means you got to Sydney! I look forward to photos (viewing by gold coin donation?)

Rebecca said...

PS - Shaun may not be entirely wrong, as Lake George looks full of mist;-)
But hope he was more reliable in the metropolis.