Sunday, May 10, 2009

My (new) creative space

I finally succumbed to the call of IKEA while I was in Sydney last Sunday. The lovely Sean informed me it was an easy 7 minutes out of my way, and with the knowledge that I had some assured work ahead of me (and everything I bought was tax deductible) there was no choice really... I bought a set of Vika Kaj adjustable legs (I would have preferred the Vika Byske legs which are shiny silver except the notes said "Should only be combined with a wall-mounted table top". Crap. At least the ones I got were half the price) and a Galant table top which I was told would be fine with the legs I chose as long as I drilled new holes. Not sure if that's quite IKEA Hack territory...)

So I finally have my standing height table: not as cute as the Udden console I was lusting after but cheaper and, more importantly, bigger.

And I picked up a set of Vika Alex drawers which I've also been lusting after since I first saw them in the IKEA catalogue (still haven't managed to justify this purchase, alas!). Once it dawned on me that they were designed to hold A2 paper I was sold. A set of drawers that I can keep my art work in? So I can stop the endless hunt for a set of affordable vintage plan drawers? Sold! (Especially since they tuck beautifully under the table, leaving space on top for my work box, rolls of paper and a set of drawers for little arty things)

The final purchase onto the IKEA trolley was a fold up bar stool on the off chance I wanted to actually sit at my new creative space. For $39, I wasn't going to argue with myself.

When I put everything into place today I realised I still had room to swing one of my filing cabinets round to fit between the desk and the wall. My office feels so big I feel I could have a party in it! Perhaps I should combine a Eurovision party with an office swarming party?

(Want more info? Picture with notes here)


m1k1 said...

Doesn't shiny red count as a justification for someone who has to expand her colour horizons for her course? At all?
Suz and I spent the afternoon today with eleventythousand other people at IKEA, because she didn't have a table and chairs and now she does.
But I didn't buy any Alex. Yet.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Actually I want the white one. Or maybe the silver one. Or maybe the tall version...

I was astounded at the crowds when I visited IKEA on Sunday afternoon. Now I understand why Princess B always used to make us arrive at 8:55am and leave as soon as possible afterwards. Even on the weekend before Christmas we could be through and out of the parking lot by 9:20am!

Anonymooselibrarian said...

Ooooh very flash :)
Lucky you! Wish we had ikea here too - but alas i can't afford new furniture anyhow :-/


JustJess said...

Many Canberrans seemed to be there on Sunday! Ahh, the lure of Eurovision - really what May is all about - can't wait for the Zemiro take on the festivities!