Monday, May 18, 2009

I feel lucky...*

I started my new contract (finally).

Got a park in the dreaded Parliamentary Triangle car parking black hole at 8:45 am, no trouble at all.

Had a fabulous lunch of leftovers from last night to eat (plus morning and afternoon tea)
Enjoyed my work far too much.

Got ever so slightly fawned over by my boss (which was gratifying.)

Then got told that security issues mean I can't go into the office until some paperwork is done: but would it be alright if I worked from home tomorrow?

Cleaning up some lovely messes?

In an area that has fascinated me since I was about 8 years old?

Oh... if I must :-/

After work I drove to class, where I finished off my screenprint from last week (pictures tomorrow)

Then we started working on lino cuts. I went to the library for inspiration and information. Got totally sidetracked by the fabulous range of design/ art/ architecture books on offer and walked out with two book that had nothing at all to do with lino cutting including a copy of this which had fallen open to this page when I flicked through it:Went back to class and convinced the teacher to let me go home super-early to do some research and that yes, I would do the lino cut and yes, I would contact him to make a time to come in and print it once I returned next week.

So I was home by just after 7pm, in my PJs not long after and pretty damned happy all round having expected to drag myself home after 8:30pm, only to have to turn round and head off to work less than 12 hours later.

Perhaps I'll pack. Or perhaps I'll eat more leftovers and toodle bedwards with a book of E. Mervyn Taylor's work so I can at least pretend I'm doing research...

(To be sing to the tune of this song)


*annina* said...

oooh - this is amazing!! can we see the toy house page larger?

sarahthefirth said...

Your lunch looks SO good. Where did you get the compartmentalized lunchbox? I want one!

callsmall said...

I'm pretty sure the toy house posted above is the Revell dollhouse. Mini Modern posted a pic here -- there's a closeup:

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Yes, it's the Revell dolls house but included photos that I hadn't seen. I've loaded the scan to FLICKR so you can read it full size(

And Sarah: I think I picked the container up years ago from Hot Dollar or similar for picnic use...