Friday, May 15, 2009

A day in my life: Thursday 14th May 2009 (a post without pictures!)

Still not started at my new contract so I had another unexpected day to fill up with other things...

8 am I wake up late. My morning routine is as usual: out of bed, turn on the computer, go to the loo, put the kettle on to make my morning cuppa, let the cat in and feed him. I also put yesterday's dry dishes away and wander out to the garden to photograph my composting Wreck this Journal page.

8:15 am: I have 4 emails (all junk). I drink my tea while listening to the first CD of the day (Mellow Gold compilation) and read my friends' and local blogs. I write and publish the composting blog post after dealing with the pictures I took in the back yard.

8:30 am: Load my composting pages to Flickr and the WTJ groups I belong to. I get sidetracked watching and giggling at this on Ampersand Duck's blog while downloading Wednesday night's class photos from my camera. Then I head downstairs to make breakfast (toasted crumpets with homemade jam, vanilla yoghurt) and write the day's To Do list while I wait for the crumpets to toast.

9:00 am: Shower. Dress. Head across to check my PO Box and visit the ATM.

9:30 am: Pop into newsagents to pick up my magazines. Have a big moan to Chris, who works there, about my design class (he used to go to CIT too). I feel much better. Return home and put out rubbish and recycling bins. Go upstairs and put away Tuesday’s washing.

10:00 am: Drive to Kippax to meet someone who is returning an advent calendar they bought off me, thinking it was an actual dolls house. While I’m there check out Go-Lo for plastic bins to store the avalanche of packing peanuts taking over my kitchen (but all the bins are coloured so I don’t buy anything). I also pop into the op shop while I’m there, but nothing catches my attention. Drive home, stopping off to buy overlocker needles on the way.

11:00 am: Home again. Make and eat morning tea (crackers with blue brie and an apple) Find myself a comfy spot on the bed with the cat and finally start working on the hat for the possum costume.

11:30 am: Get a call from my agency telling me I can start my contract tomorrow. Tell them I can’t as I’m already committed to work on that day. We decide Monday works for everyone (only almost a week late) I return to the bed, the cat and the hat.

1:00 pm: Lunchtime. I reheat a container of Mediterranean bean soup from the freezer and retire to the sofa to eat it while reading the latest issue of Home New Zealand. Decide it’s too cold to continue working in the bedroom without crawling into bed so bring my knitting downstairs and turn on the lounge heater.

3:00 pm: Finish the possum hat. Celebrate by making a cup of tea and pulling out the chocolate I have hidden in the cupboard to go with it. Head upstairs to check my email and release the second blog post for the day. Return downstairs to the sofa and start knitting the possum hat ears (making it up as I go along).

4:30pm: Finish possum hat ears. Start possum hat ties.

5:00 pm: Finish possum hat ties. Decide I need to try this thing called relaxing. Finish reading Home NZ. Start reading latest Living Etc.

5:30 pm: Go back upstairs, get changed and drive into Civic for a Craft ACT opening.

6:00 pm: Opening schmoozing. Drink free glass of wine. Eat free cheese. Admire works and take lots of photos.

7:00 pm: Head back home, texting Sarah to discuss dinner arrangements. Load photos from the opening onto the computer.

7:30 pm: Sarah arrives. We wander over to pick up Noodle Choice takeout and back home to eat it. Drink wine.

8:00 pm: Sarah works on covering her tail with furry stuff. I work on sewing in the loose ends on the possum hat. Sew on the ties. Sew the possum ears together and start experimenting with placement of said ears. Drink more wine. Take photos (and a video) to test ears.

10:00 pm: Sarah goes home. Go back upstairs to the computer, load costume photos and check out opening photos and blog stats for the day. Decide it is imperative to start a Craft ACT Flickr group right this very second.

10:20 pm: Finally come to my senses. (Almost) boil kettle. Fill hottie. Head to bed.

Soundtrack for the day:

Q Playlist Mellow Gold
George Michael: Listen without prejudice
Anika Moa: In swings the tide
Moments notice: Moments notice
Moonlight Sounds Vol 6
New Groove Vol 2
New order: Get ready

The Presets: Apocalypso
Age Pryor: Shank’s Pony
Eddi Reader: Mirmama


Anonymooselibrarian said...

What a lovely life you have! :)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I do indeed: although I often wonder when the real owner of it will turn up to claim it back. I'm sure the life I originally ordered wasn't quite this large :-)

Buy and Sell said...

..congrats for having a lovely life
..thanks for sharing your story