Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random post-holiday post #4

OK, maybe Noumea in close up isn't quite the same as Wellington.

For a start, the architecture is quite different:
(I almost bought a book on New Caledonian houses but spending $40 on a book in French seemed like a slightly silly thing to do so I left it on the shelf)

This is the view from the bus stop for the local blue route bus which goes out to The Tjiboau Cultural Centre. I walked right past it the first time thinking I was in the wrong place...Here's a picture I took of a local restaurant for my cruise buddy Nancy:(No, the woman on the left didn't forget to change out of her nightdress before she left home: that's the national costume.)

Local graffiti I spotted on the walk up to The Tjiboau Cultural Centre :
And a local snail who seemed mad keen on following me:I always wondered why on earth French people would bother eating snails.But it would appear French snails are bigger than common garden Aussie or Kiwi snails. Which got me thinking: is this a native New Caledonian snail or did the French import snails from home to populate their gardens?

The cockroaches are massive, too. One kept running after me at great speed in a CD shop. I wanted to take a photo but I was worried that a) the owner (of the CD store, not the cockroach) would be insulted and b) if I didn't keep a close eye on the cockroach, it would run up my leg.

And, finally, here's a statue of a very important historical figure. Or maybe it's an ad for a local supplier of soft drinks...


Cola Cerbz said...

Haha that statue is cool.

Hurr... What it is with you and having insects stalking you? Are you the Dicksons (The Secret Garden) of the bug world?

The Shopping Sherpa said...

No, I think I just make the mistake of noticing them and stopping to talk to them...

Rebecca said...

Fascinating architecture - a French version of tropical. I especially like the one at the top - looks like both the upper floor, with all those wooden louvres, and the ground floor (stone? or stucco?) would both be lovely and cool.
What a pity your birthday plans were disrupted by lack of a PIN, closed shops, and swine flu. But Nouméa looks lovely. Did you get to see the new moon?