Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A day in my life: July 2009

6:20am: Is that sound of the leaf blower at Dickson shops? Is it morning ALREADY? So starts the usual morning routine: up, turn on computer, toilet, feed cat, make tea.

6:30am: Check emails. Re list eBay stock. Drink tea.

7:00am: Print resume. More re listing. Turn on music.

7:30am: Make and eat breakfast. Finish eBay re listing. Start sorting out TSS end of year accounts.

8:00am: Shower. Dress. Put away clean dishes from yesterday.

8:30am: Walk across to the money machine to pick up cash and the Post Office to collect the mail then on to the bus stop to catch the bus into town.

9:00am: Job interview over coffee for a one month contract.

9:30am: Discover I have a spare half hour before I'm due at Craft ACT. I've already had a coffee. So I end up at Flip Side's sale bins and stagger out with 6 new to me CDs for a total of $41 and the happy knowledge that I don't have to wait til I get home to listen to them...
10am: Craft ACT. Meet with the Executive Director to discuss my priorities for the day. Start photographing new shop stock for our Face book page.

10:30am: Staff meeting to plan for next month's Bingo Extravaganza. Followed by more photo-taking.

11:00am: Contact Volunteering ACT to find out about the grants they are awarding to help cover volunteers' travel costs. Return to the photo-taking.

12:00 noon: Back in the shop. Sign up a new member. Start photo shopping the images I took earlier in the morning:

12:30pm: Lunchtime. I thought I was having lunch with one of the Curators from my CMAG exhibition but it turns out to be just a coffee.

1:00pm: So I head over to the food court in the mall to pick up lunch and start the search for the perfect pastry brush.

1:30pm: Back in the Craft ACT shop, I'm loading images to the Craft ACT Face book page.

2:00pm: And photo shopping.

3:00pm: And rearranging the stockroom in a more logical fashion.

4:00pm: Before chatting to a customer who asks me, after we discuss the mini wheelie bin necklaces, if I saw the dolls house exhibition last year. We talk about my collection and the plans Craft ACT has for an mini exhibition in the Crucible space next year. More intriguingly, she asks if I'd be interested in exhibiting my dolls houses in The Rocks...

4:30pm: The stockroom is as close as it's going to get to sorted this week. I admire some lovely new bracelets that have arrived which are crying out to come home with me. I meet with the Executive Director to recap the day before closing up for the night.

5:00pm: Home time. I stop in at the IGA in the bus interchange as I spot a display of my favorite Indian ready meals at a price comparable to what I'd get them for at the Indian shop in Belconnen. Palak Paneer for dinner, methinks...

5:15pm: Waiting for the 5:21pm #39 bus...

5:26pm: Which never turns up...

5:36pm: Finally on my way home!

5:45pm: Arrive home. Pour wine. Feed the cat. Turn on computer and make snack.

6:00pm: Check emails while eating snack and drinking wine.

6:10pm: Phone call from a friend.

6:50pm: Download photos from the day and photo shop them.

7:00pm: Write blog post (making up my plans for the rest of the evening on the fly.)

7:30pm: Make and eat dinner.

8:00pm: Watch an episode of The Muppet Show season 2 before retiring to bed with a library book.

9:00pm: Lights out.

Soundtrack for the day:

Radio groove volume 1
Back to mine: Röyksopp
Bare essentials volume 2
Goldenhorse: Reporter
Salmonella Dub: Salmonella Dub
Simple Minds: Graffiti soul
Rhombus: Onwards
Ralph Myerz& the Jack Herren Band: A special album
Eddi Reader: Eddi Reader


m1k1 said...

4 to 4.30 sounds like a pretty happy half hour.

Michelle said...

I was about to write exactly what Jen wrote!

Tracy P said...

Hey there
Greetings from LA. I don't know that you would have heard the news but our CEO's body has been recovered after he failed to come back from a tramping trip on the weekend. Needless to say it is surreal to say the least to e experiencing this from so far away. On a happier note have you seen the jobs at Belconnen Arts Centre? I think the Ops Manager role is perfect for you and I would be happy to be a referee - but can't in my official capacity.

Oese said...

up, turn on the computer....
I thougt I am the only one who turnes on the computer BEFORE toilet and tea and s.o. morning tasks.
I'm relieved...
you are so openminded, it's nice you let us know so much of your life.
regards from germany

Anonymous said...

..thanks for sharing the story of your day life
..good job!

*_* nEnEng *_*
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