Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My creative (shared) space

In the classroom this evening:Clockwise from top left: my workbox, my KeepCup (which Taph introduced me to, I bought as early Christmas presents for my friends and constantly try to convert everyone I come in contact with about. Consider yourself raved at), water bottle, random cone of rather nice wool I found in the materials box you can see in the background and needed to play with immediately to help me think*, and visual diary number 4**.

(*I, of course, didn't have any knitting needles with me so improvised with some electrical wire I also found in the box. Which turned out to be pretty much spot on in terms of size: and a possible solution to the knitting on planes conundrum?) (**Now full of sketches and images of circular things, zoetropes,
Jezze's mutoscope and sushi trains...)


Lucy Bowler said...

I love your knitting needle solution! In fact, could the wire be the answer to knitting really, really long things?! Fantastic, and something for me to ponder on...

Anonymous said...

your crazy needles look like they'd make interesting conversation when you whip 'em out. you could be right about the planes tho