Thursday, July 02, 2009

How may I help you?

I seemed to spend a large amount of today behind a counter asking the above question. Firstly to Library patrons who wanted to know the answers to such questions as:

"I read a book a couple of years ago and I've forgotten the title and the author but it was like Miss Marples except set in ancient Egypt. Can you find it for me?" (I did. Even I was impressed)

"There was an Australian violin maker who studied with Jeffrey and Sons. Can you give me some information about him?" (You've come to the right person. Did I mention my mother is a violin teacher?)

"I want to buy a copy of this book for my son's birthday. Do you have it?" (To which I wanted to reply "Do you not understand the concept of a Library?" but held my tongue)

And, most importantly of all:

"Is there an internet computer available?"

This evening I was behind another counter at Craft ACT for our opening. But this time it was me doing the asking: "What can I get you to drink?"

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