Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Oh happy day!

I spent the day wearing a lovely warm snuggly 100% cashmere black jumper. Gifted to me by the ever thoughtful Taph who undertook some opshopping by proxy for me and picked it up for a whopping $3.50 from Salvos (with her half price card).

I took my boot with the busted zip and my bag with the busted buckle over to Jhay the Cobbler aka He Who resurrects things from the Dead. The price of resurrection? $27.50.

Miss Daisy went in for a service. Which cost $156.20. Much nicer than last time.

Discussions were held at Craft ACT about a potential little exhibition in the Crucible space next year: (she says all mysterious-like...)

And I got paid for last month's contract. Hurrah!

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