Sunday, July 05, 2009

Cook from the Cupboard round up

With today being one of only two days I've had off in the past 20 days, I finally found time to do my end of month accounts for June. Here's my spending breakdown as I usually sort it (rent isn't included):

Medical, dental and hair: $12.84
Fuel, repairs and transport: $150.06
Car rego and insurance: $67.99
Food and alcohol: $292.63
Clothing, accessories, dry cleaning and tailoring: $103.86
Flat (furniture and accessories): $0.00
Holidays and travel: $0.00
Books, stationery and postage: $273.41
Gifts: $0.00
Entertainment and hobbies (including internet): $124.95
Gas, power, phone and mobile: $60.31
Other: $179.24

TOTAL FOR JUNE 2009: $1,265.29

Which, not surprisingly, is more than I spent during my 2008 Fiscal Fast ($579.88) and my 2007 Fiscal Fast ($642.21). Here's a breakdown of the difference:

Stocking up on sale items ($383.02):

Wine: $22.00
Bus tickets: $110.00
Socks $38.30
Knickers: $20.92
Pantihose: $44.64
2 year Madison subscription: $119.90
Cat food: $23.90
Glue sticks and erasers: $3.36

Unnecessary items that made me happy ($264.77):

Books: $39.85
Daisy doll items:$60.00
Quantum Leap ticket: $20.00
Ticket to colleague's improv night: $5.00
Pencil case: $8.39
Camera: $42.73
Op shopping haul: $30.50
Magazines: $52.30
Glass of bubbles at the theatre: $6.00

Unnecessary food bought because I was too disorganised to bring anything from home or was out with friends ($80.05)

Postage that could have waited til July: $12.25


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