Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sometimes I love having a budget

Because it leads to days like today.

I received two very exciting bits of information yesterday: an email from Canberra Theatre telling me that bookings were open for
Avenue Q
(even better, at a discounted rate)

And the weekend's Kmart catalogue (finally) arrived in my mail box informing me that
Flight of the Conchords series 2 was instore on July 27th.

Since none of my friends seemed interested in Avenue Q (possibly it was my hasty description: "It's like Sesame Street with drugs and porn!") and since I've been stashing $8 a week into my Theatre subscription account, I could book right away. Especially handy as today I was working not more than 30 seconds away from the Canberra Theatre ticket office.

As for Flight of the Conchords being available yesterday? Kmart was dreaming. No one had it (including Kmart) and they were all quoting a delivery date of tomorrow. I did my best (ironic)
Veruca Salt impersonation at one of Canberra's few remaining local CD stores and lo and behold I had a copy in my hot little hands just after 5pm tonight.

Guess what I plan to spend the rest of the evening doing?


Michelle said...

Nice work! And thanks for letting me know it was out - we were persevering with the SBS viewings and they kept getting interupted by the Ashes. Might be looking into getting this myself tomorrow!

The Old Flame said...

Foxtels "The Comedy Channel" has been promoting Avenue Q and they have been hosting the Adult Swim time, so based on that, i would say the show will be something along the lines of "Meet The Feebles". If you can find a copy of that movie and you find it funny, then Avenue Q will be the best night out you have ever had.

Elizabeth said...

Ooh, 'Flight of the Conchords' fabulous stuff. Probably a bit late to the party but have only just discovered this gem on BBC4.

Cola Cerbz said...

Eh so Kmart's unreliable in aussie too then? *sighs*

Flight of the Conchords are pretty good thou :)

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Good Replies

Anonymous said...

It's a fantastic series, with more great songs. I am planning to make a badge saying "I heart epileptic dogs" (that's an episode to look forward to)

My lovely boyfriend downloaded it for me as it aired in the US. Porridge-brained, over-worked me didn't think to make copies for your birthday :-( but at least now you'll have the packaging and won't need to watch it on a computer.