Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today's post in bought to you by the letters A,R,E,D,M, Z and W

A: Apprehension
R: Regret
E: Empathy
D: Delirium
M: Malevolence and Monotony
Z: Zeal

All words from my Design brief. My homework is to source images which represent these words, create a collage for each then create several small drawings from the collages using a variety of media that fully explore the visual meanings of the words. It's very tempting to "forget" to pay my course fees and just drop out of the course at this stage...

E and M are also for Excel Magic: which I created today in Day Three of my new contract. Rather than just supplying what was asked of me I suggested there may be a better way to pull out the information in the long term. Then I had to find that way and implement it with the help of people that actually knew what to do.

W: is for the Wine which followed. Fine New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc: two varieties. I think I'm going to like working here!


m1k1 said...

See! That's where you went wrong. Should have STARTED with the W(ine) and all the other letters would have been easy.
cheering for designer you.

Rebecca said...

It sounds like you're already experiencing apprehension and regret, I suspect the delirium and monotony may come, and perhaps malevolence towards whoever thought up this assignment. That leaves zeal, which would be useful in finding images which show how you're feeling, and empathy, which perhaps you'll feel for all the poor sods whose job it is to do this kind of thing to earn a living. Probably some others will come in - R for relief when you finish it, E for exhausted just before you hand it in, etc. Better keep a lot of that W on hand!
Actually it reminds me a bit of the stacks of magazines Mum kept in the bottom of an old dresser (nice smells of the wood and the magazines), which I'd pull out and go through for relevant pictures whenever I had a school project, or use colour for mosaic pieces to make designs.