Thursday, January 21, 2010

A day off! (sort of*)

and I have many many boring but worthwhile things to get done. But it's too early to start the washing so I'll just hang out online for a while...

Oh look! A miniature vintage caravan! (1973 Kovap Retro
toy Caravan with opening door (16cm x 7cm x 6cm))

And the neighbours probably won't be too happy if I mow the lawns at eight o'clock in the morning so I'll just hang out online for a while longer...

Oh look! I could build my own 1/12th scale caravan if I hadn't spent all my money on a course I dropped out of:

(Greenleaf Miniature Travel Trailer Kit (1/12th scale))

High on my list of things to get done today is clear all the Lundby stock from the garage (now I've closed my eBay store) and return it to the distributor. But first I should have a shower and get dressed. Before that, though, I'll hang out online a few more minutes...

And drool at
this miniature caravan which was "presented to Prince Charles and Princess Anne by the Caravan Club. It was built by Rollalong Ltd., and is equipeed (sic) with a desk, bunks, sink and taps. This is one of the vehicles on display at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, Hampshire, England"

While I'm in my PJs I could go downstairs and do the dishes. After I've hung out online just a moment longer...

(Did you know if you search for miniature and caravan you will come across
this blog post about the doll’s house displayed at Caravan during The London Design Festival with photos from Elle Decoration by Debi Treloar?) When I first heard about this exhibition last week I ran over to the newsagents to get a copy of the January 2010 edition of Elle Decoration, only to discover they don't stock it anymore. And so I had been planning to drop into Borders when I'd been paid. Now I don't need to...

But I do need to log off, make breakfast and get the day started.

(*I start work at 4pm today)

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