Friday, January 29, 2010

A sisterly suggestion

I got an email from my sister while we were discussing the contents of an 80s/ 90s compilation CD she'd asked me to put together for her:

"You will be dismayed to know I can now sing and play
New Order's "Blue Monday" Go-Betweens' "Love goes on" and Buzzcocks' "What do I get" on my ukelele :-o

Scary - poor poor neighbours :-]

Have you ever thought of tinkering on a ukelele - very easy - very fun."

Dear Sis

No. Oddly enough I haven't ever thought of taking up the ukelele. Maybe it's a New Zealand thing?

You may be pleased to hear, however, that I am able to play Depeche Mode's "Just can't get enough" on my recorder...


Taphophile said...

Not just NZ. The Uke is the instrument du jour. Several knitters are into ukeleles just now. The Electric Sheep podcast did a uke version of "Creep" which was entertaining. That song adapts well, TOF has a lounge style version that, well, lounges.

I had a ukelele when I was 4. My parents gve it to me when I had my tonsils out. I broke it over my mother's nose one morning in an extra vigourous practice session. Very traumatic for all three of us and the uke never recovered.

Replica Vertu said...

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Ampersand Duck said...

Helen Garner made ukelele playing very hip for women a number of years ago when she wrote a wonderful essay about taking it up... I was almost tempted, but I have so many other ways to kill time!