Friday, January 29, 2010

Thinking. And knitting. And feeling like I'm sinking.

Thinking: Still percolating ideas for the gallery space. The latest thought is to have studio spaces in the top display cabinet and only have a few people working. Which means I could just have a corridor with closed doors and name tags (and possibly notice boards with images of the artist's work) and a couple of doors open showing the studio interiors. Clever, huh?

Knitting: A present for a 21st birthday party this Saturday. Which is tomorrow. I'm doing the last minute dash to get it finished in time as usual. Good thing I'm not working late tonight and have no other plans...

That sinking feeling: Nothing major, just your usual learning curve in a new job. Even if the "job" is a voluntary one running an ezine and site it's still a lot to pick up in a short period of space. I'm paddling like mad and bailing like the blazes and I think it'll all work out just fine. It's only been three days, after all!


Janet McKinney said...

You are welcome to raid my colelction if you need little people or things for your display - I do have hundreds of little people, and with some notice, willing to dress them however you want

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