Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spot of summer

I believe there may be a heatwave happening outside. I wouldn't know as I've been spending most of my time in the coolest spot in the house: Surrounded by reading. And music. And knitting. And drawing. There was also chocolate and garden fresh cherry tomatoes but they're gone now.

Please note the return of Wreck this journal after a long absence.
And my new felt tip pens.

A set of 100! From Sesame Street! Each stamped with Time for fun!
Because, with all the time in the world, there's always always time for fun...

1 comment :

Ceiridwen said...

I missed you wreck-this-journal :) yay! reappearence. Awesome creative spots.. chocolates don't seem to last long around us do they? :)

p.s Thanks for the gift voucher, they'll be going towards a new pair of jeans ^_^ (as I have none that fit) so thanks so much