Saturday, January 02, 2010

Ten vitally important things to do in the 48 hours before your departure for summer school:

1. Decide on the final version of your costume, which involves knitted chain. And undertake a trial run to see if it's going to work.

2. Which makes you realise you probably should have a knitting project with you (apart from the chain). And sort that out.

3. Try to put together a punk compilation for the final party. Decide no one would really dance to a full on punk compilation so change it to a "deeply mainstream alternative early 80s mix as chosen by someone who was a DJ back then".

4. Try to decide: iPod or CD Walkman?

5. Run round trying to find your back up CDs for photos you suddenly remember you need prints of for class.

6. Chose a little something relevant to read if you happen to have a chance to loll in bed (or under a shady tree) with a book.

7. Finally decide what you plan to wear for the week. And wash it. Since, silly you, you've worn it in the last couple of days...

8. Wonder if the real estate agents would mind putting your flat inspection off for another week.

9. And if there's internet access at Sturt...

10. Blog all of the above instead of packing. Or printing. Or compiling.

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