Friday, January 01, 2010

They say "Start the year as you mean to go on", don't they?

In which case I did very well. I was at art school*, helping set up for classes which start on Monday. I arrived terribly early thus was able to take this picture of the calm before the storm:(Nice cake, by the way. My first this year. And, in fact, last year too...)

Do you think I can add "covering wall to wall carpet in plastic" to the skills on my resume? I felt rather smugly Christo-ish until my partner and I worked out we were finding it so easy because we're both sewers and are used to cutting out large things on the floor to fit around awkward angles.

There would have been more photos but a) my camera battery died and I hadn't shifted any spares to the bag I took today and b) I was too busy wrapping floors (and shifting furniture and collating registrations, creating name tags and stuffing folders) to take anyway...

How was the start of your 2010?

When I said I wanted to go to art school I should have clarified my desire a little more fully. Yes, it's art school. Yes it's full time. But I was imagining slightly longer than 6 days.)

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