Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Behind the scenes Two

(See One here)

It's changeover time in the
Craft ACT gallery. Our next opening is Thursday night but for now the gallery is quiet and empty.
(Well, almost empty...)
Out in the back room it's a different story. This morning we received delivery of 21 cartons of glass from Jonathan Baskett for his exhibition, Stack:Di and Simon have to open every cartoninspect every piece
and document any breakagesbefore setting up the exhibition.

Meanwhile, back in the shop,
this week I try not to be transfixed by the view of CMAG's new cafe from the back window...

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Sarah said...

Hi There Shopping Sherpa,
I found your blog the other day while happily searching vintage dolls houses on google images. I have recently acquired two dolls houses from about the 60s or 70s-not sure which and not sure of maker, if they are home made or what-just that I love them and cannot wait to get started filling them up with tiny stuff! The article in Elle Decoration was what made me type in vintage dolls houses in the ebay search. I see that you found that one too. Anyway, just wanted to say I have been enjoying looking through your archives-especially all of your house posts-so inspiring! Two weeks ago I had not heard of Triang and Lundby-I love finding out about a new thing to become obsessed by!
Sarah :)