Thursday, February 11, 2010

Flat (ered)

On the way from work to the Craft ACT opening tonight I got my first flat tyre in Miss Daisy (much harder to spot than a flat tyre on a scooter, let me tell you!)

Being an utter girl, I pulled out my phone and my wallet and called

While I waited for rescue, I pulled the spare tyre out from under the pile of stuff waiting for an empty op shop bin in the boot. And started reading
the latest children's book I'd borrowed from the library:
I was pleasantly surprised by the number of cars which stopped to see if I needed help. "This is how to meet men in Canberra. What a lovely city." I idly thought as I waited for the NRMA van.

Once the van arrived, I shared my joy at the goodwill of Canberra drivers with the NRMA chap while he changed my tyre. He shared the knowledge that Limestone Liz used to also hang out on Southern Cross Drive (where I was) when she wasn't at the base of Mount Ainslie...


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Bluebell said...

Good on Canberra motorists, for stopping to offer help we sometimes get a bad wrap from out of towners who arn't adept at rounding, roundabouts skillfully.