Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baking: real and virtual

Tomorrow is one of the Craft ACT crew's birthdays so this morning there was a flurry of baking in my kitchen before I headed in which produced these:Crafty gluten free cupcakes with buttony tops. Because cupcakes are a bit of a tradition for Craft ACT celebrations and I'm very late with the end of the year ones I promised...

Then tonight, when I got home I found this in my inbox thanks to a designer friend:


MTB Girl said...

Mmm, delicious gluten free goodies! Care to share the recipe? I also avoid gluten.

It was lovely to meet you today. Thank you for the gorgeous tea cosy. We'll have to catch up for tea sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic clip! I'll have to share this with my graphic designer/cake baking friend.

Your cupcakes look YUMMY.I've attempted a few different types of cupcakes myself (http://www.velveteenlibertine.com/search/label/cupcakes) but am always on the lookout to better my recipes. Any secrets? ;)