Sunday, February 07, 2010

For my Blogiversay* I got:

A bout of Blogger's block. Coupled with a very slow internet connection (I blame the student animation films I've been watching on YouTube this month) And a spread in today's Canberra Times Sunday magazine. (click images to see larger versions.)

If you're new here, hello and welcome.

If you'd like to see more of my home check out Canberra's Got Style's Behind the Curtains feature or my Corners of my home posts.

For more information on my dolls house collection, you'll find links to posts about each house down the left hand side bar. Or check out the behind the scenes photos from when The Collectors came to call.

Want to find out about what I do as part of my internship at Craft ACT? Click here. Or follow the progress of our Call of the Small exhibition.

And if you're an op shop addict, check out I op therefore I am - ACT.

(* 4 years. Yes there are giveaways: watch this space...)


Cycling S said...

Congartulations. Looks fabulous!

Janet McKinney said...

Cool... nice blogiversary gift...

m1k1 said...

yay. look at you being all famous.
happy b*

ninaribena said...

Ahhhh I missed it!!!
Congratulations xxx