Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A day in the life of an Intern

(Two days late. Which may feel a little like a Hot or Not post. One day early...)

I can tell daylight saving is drawing to a close as the leaf blower at Dickson shops didn't wake me this morning until 6:30am : half an hour later than I'm used to. No worries, though, it's a Tuesday and I'm not due at
Craft ACT until 10am.

Which gives me time to put the bread I mixed last night on to bake, drop Miss Daisy off for her service then walk home to do some dishes and clean some toilets.

I need to return a call from Canberra Theatre at 9am, which causes me to head into Civic early and results in this:
Man, I'm such a Civic Square slut. But the promise of free shows is too good to pass up...

On to
Craft ACT where I get sent to deliver some stuff to the ANU School of Art Gallery. Updating our Facebook page and printing contracts for Call of the Small* takes me until lunch while I cover both our shop and gallery.

Lunch is, as usual, at CMAG
Members' Lounge, where I finish adding the ANU Film Group dates to my diary: I went last night, saw New Moon (for free, thank goodness!), and joined for the year...

The afternoon involved a trip to the Post Office (I love the Post Office...) to send off my contracts, after a stop to visit Al:Afternoon tea involved colour coordinated fruity things (because your snack, shirt and shop should always match!) Then, after some more Facebooking and Excel spreadsheeting it was time to go pick Miss Daisy up from the mechanics.(After walking past a typically Canberran sign on the way there from the bus stop)

She cost significantly less than I expected (especially after
this time last year) At this rate I may just be able to spring for a bath for her. Anyone have a spare Entertainment book voucher for Waves Car Wash in Gungahlin I can steal?

(*Thanks, as always for the real Call of the Small's permission to use her blog title for the duration...)


Bluebell said...

I love the Al Grasby monument..Especially the way he is so neatly tucked out of the way, in the foyer,so as not to offend any Canberrans who may have hailed from Griffith. Give him my regards next time you passby.

Ceiridwen said...

That looks like a cool place to work!

You saw New Moon? Lol.. the cat story summarized it perfectly ai?

Nice sign "road ahead" lol