Saturday, May 08, 2010

The cat is more freaked out than I am

Thanks for all your supportive comments. I'm fine and being typically Pollyannaish (eg: "Well, that fixed the "low disk space" problem on the laptop" "Now I don't have to try and deal with the 200 emails piled up in my inbox" and "Thank God I either blog or FLICKR most of my best images and have a copy of my resume and my final assessment work from last year on my memory stick!"). I think I did a fairly full back up to CD a couple of months ago: now I just have to find it...

J&M came over when they heard bearing two small but important gifts: in one hand, a bottle of wine. In the other, an ancient phone charger that works on my equally ancient mobile phone (it was my spare that was stolen).

The cat was inside when it happened and was still inside when I got home (after the fabulous Shop Handmade Meet the Designer evening) and was (and still is) quite freaked out and traumatised. He's getting lots of cuddles and gentle talkings to and the occasional tour of the bedroom to prove the nasty people have gone.

In terms of help, it would be wonderful if anyone can assist with the following:

1. A power drill (possibly with competent operator attached) to move the window lock from the painted up window to the one that opens and now has a broken clasp since it was forced open*.
2. The loan of a spare digital camera..
3. Information about if it's possible to hook my Mac (which they left behind) up to my existing internet connection...

(* Don't panic, I screwed it shut last night)


m1k1 said...

completely off topic but thought of you at once when I saw this. maybe you haven't.

MTB Girl said...


So sorry to hear about this.
1. I can offer a husband with a power drill for your window needs.

2. We've got a digital camera we can lend you too.

3. Should be fine!

I'll try to drop by and let you know these things in case you don't see this soon.


Michelle said...

Can also offer you a power drill and an allegedly competent (with the power drill) husband, but Amanda's offer is the triple threat so I'll leave you with her!

Hope all creatures, human and otherwise, are less freaked out.

MTB Girl said...

Dropped by, hope you got the macaroons rather than someone else!

Jo said...

So sorry to that this happened to you - nasty feeling. My parents had a break in last year and they were minding one of my cats. The little *****s chased her into the spare room and moved the bed around while she was hiding under it. She was in shock when mum came home and found her. It's awful that they can't tell you what happened. She is fine now though. Cuddles should help :-)

happyspider said...

I'm not much help with the first two, but can offer the hubby for IT support if you have trouble. He hates Macs but will suck it up. Call if you need help. xo

Rebecca said...

On 3, it may depend who your ISP is. Last time I looked (ages ago) bigpond, for instance, didn't support Macs. But it should be easy to find out, either by ringing them or checking on their website (when you have access to it!)
Poor cat, it's horrible to have intruders in your home, even worse to be there and feel that your territory is under attack :-( Cuddles and chin rubs from me to him.

Sarah said...

Oh I am sorry to hear about this. I am so glad your cat was alright though!