Sunday, May 16, 2010

In the studio

It's been a creative weekend (yes, a miracle happened and I had two days in a row off!!)

Yesterday I went on a CMAG tour of Jude Rae and Ruth Waller's studios to coincide with their currently exhibitions. Jude has asked to vet the photos I took while at her studio before I publish them but in the meantime you can see my photos from Ruth Waller's studio here.
This morning I spent some time stitching up my 2010 winter jumper:
then I had another play date with my friend. Our theme was collage as she recently took a class and I wanted to see what she learned.

We had great fun sifting through my piles of treasures thinking of what sort of subjects to do.Testing various ideasAnd coming up with quite different results(while constantly reminding each other, as usual, that it was the process that was the important thing, not the end result)

Having said that, we were both quite pleased with our finished projects!

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