Sunday, May 09, 2010

Good news weekend

1. I won the House Seat Jackpot for yesterday afternoon's performance of We Unfold. Which was doubly lucky as people I know were attending the same performance, just a few seats down from me. I even got to use a friend's free drink voucher beforehand.

2. Nibbs slept in bed with me last night. He still refuses to stay in the house when I'm not there and I'm not sure he ever will. We'll see how he feels as the temperatures continue to plummet.

3. I have offers of help with drilling, camera loaning and internet connecting (although in that last instance I'll call Ozemail first and see what they can do for me.) And there were pink macaroons waiting for me on the doorstep when I got home last night (thanks MTB Girl: I've never had macaroons...)

4. Finally, with no access to the internet, I seem to have a lot more time to do stuff at home. Part of me is vaguely tempted to stay offline and home but I know that won't last!

5. I'm still giggling as I picture my poor burglars looking round my house at my old technology, second hand bits and bobs, piles of books and jewellery box full of things made out of random things glued to brooch backings and other cheap crap. Shaking their heads in confusion while saying something like "There's nothing here worth anything. But we can't leave empty handed, can we? Let's just quickly grab a couple of things and try our luck round the corner..."


Ceiridwen said...

Lol! (at number 5)

Poor Nibbs. He'll come around

nettie said...

So glad you managed to get a house seat after our telephone tag fail.