Sunday, May 02, 2010

Doesn't it look lifelike?

This is one of the first photos from my trip to The Sydney Show yesterday:
Yes, it's of (full sized) IKEA. All my carefully laid plans of a few hours at the show then a train into to town flew out the window when, soon after I arrived, a certain evil person (clutching a large bag of vintage pyrex for good measure) sidled up to me and whispered "We're going to IKEA and thought you might like to come along. We're having lunch there, and can drop you back afterwards..."

After several minutes of mental anguish I decided the Powerhouse Museum could wait for another day and so trotted obediently out of the show and into the car...

Never fear. I did make it back to the show to take photos. They'll have to wait as I am beyond exhausted and will be falling into bed soon after I've finished washing my work shirt from today...

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