Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A long weekend in Melbourne: Part 1

Friday afternoon: the Mary and Max exhibition at ACMI. I was very excited to discover photography was allowed.(And even more excited to discover that a Tim Burton exhibition opens there next month...)

More photos on FLICKR.


Asteria said...

the first one is super cute!
and wow a tim burton exhibition?i'd like to check that out. where though?

Ceiridwen said...

:O if you go to the tim burton one you def hafta take photos!

Rebecca said...

Was wondering where you were! Happy Birthday - hope you had a great day - and what a fantastic exhibition, I'd love to see these in real life. Thanks for all the photos :-)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I decided telling the world I was going away before I left wasn't the greatest idea after recent events :-)

And I'm doubting they'll allow photos at the Tim Burton exhibition: Cuzzy C, you'll just have to get yourself over to Melbourne between June and October and see it with me ;-)