Monday, May 03, 2010

Sydney Show highlights

This year there was no big "blockbuster display" like previous years and, as Div has had a particularly busy few months, nothing from her.

I spent some time chatting with M1K1 and seeing the results of her experimenting with a wool and steel mix(those huge meaty things are my fingers)

I took many pictures of this typical Aussie backyard but could never get the focus quite right:(or find a sign telling me who made it)Margaret was there with her (now cleaned up) Mystery HouseIt was great to meet another Dolls Houses Past and Present member IRL!

Here's my temptation for
this year, which I found hiding under a table...
I circled back to it several times. Met several Triang collectors while mulling over the wisdom (or lack thereof) in spending $200 I don't have on a house that

a) I don't have room for

b) would be a disaster trying to get home on the bus and

c) is outside my current collection development policy.

It was that last one that sealed the deal. I left the show clutching only a set of battery operated flood lights and a vintage looking knitting needle caddy. And my goodies from IKEA.

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Rebecca said...

Thanks for the lovely photos of Margaret's house! Did anyone know more about it?
Funny that the other house was under a table - unless the seller was hoping to sell it that way, by having potential buyers feel that they'd made a discovery? But it's not a Triang, those are Romside windows and doors and porch overhang, and the garage door opens in one. I don't know what it is - possibly homemade with Romside components, possibly by one of the smaller companies that made Triang look-alikes. Did you get a look at the inside?