Tuesday, May 04, 2010

More modern miniatures on TV!

Raum für Raum just posted a link to a German TV piece on modern miniatures. It's all very exciting, except my schoolgirl German isn't quite up to a full translation. A pity as they interview some stars of the modern miniature world in their studios.

And I get a look in too: there are shots of the FLICKR Modern Miniatures group and close ups of some of the photos I took of Div's miniature Rose Seidler House.

There's an English version here.


Birgy said...

Hi Anna-Maria,

I love "Raum fuer Raum" :) - and I'm happy to help out with some translations...!

Kind regards from Alice Springs

Birgy said...

...and your appearance on "Collectors" made my Friday evening...

talk soon...

Modern MC said...

Oh! Thanks for posting this Anna Maria---I have been wondering how the show turned out.