Thursday, September 18, 2008

Discombobulated and bereft

I feel like someone's taken all my toys.Oh, wait... someone HAS taken all my toys!

It's quite a weird feeling, knowing that I've almost achieved something I originally set out to do 4 years ago. Back in July 2006 I went to the Clarice Cliff exhibition at CMAG and said:

"I have plans to see a room full of contemporary dolls houses and furniture from 1947-2007 here. Once I get my exhibition proposal in to them. Which has only been sitting round for about 18 months now waiting to be filled out..."

Taph hit the nail on the head when she said a while back "The challenge was about getting the proposal in, wasn't it? You never really expected the exhibition to happen..."

The other thing I'm finding disconcerting is that, after 13 weeks of pretty constant attention to and working on my houses, they're now entirely in the hands of someone else. I'm able to go visit but I'm sure CMAG doesn't want me camping out there and making a nuisance of myself while they do what they're trained to do.
Then there's the little matter of privacy. I don't know if you've noticed but there are many things I've not mentioned on this blog. One of them is my name. And now with the exhibition I feel like the curtain of anonymity has been ripped open and I'm left sheepishly grinning and waving in the light.
So last night I escaped coming home to my lounge which is oddly flat without the pop of colour which is the Kaleidoscope House and a still echoey house and visited friend Helen to help her sort out which clothes she's getting rid of before she leaves town to return the the USA. On the day of my opening. In retrospect it may have been a silly way to spend the evening as it brought up more feelings of loss and change in my life.And the photos? Just to prove the top landing has been restored to order. And to show off my "new" $5 suitcase (on the top of the pile). Two suitcases look silly. Three make it look like a collection.


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