Monday, December 09, 2013

Against the grain

Did you notice, like I did, that the grey kitten and the wood-grained paper seemed to belong together?
I also thought that the Lundby shelving unit that I painted yellow at the same time I painted that table might work with them. And I was right. (I did wonder, at this stage, if I was belatedly creating another corner of a scene I blogged in mid 2011)
After plundering the stash (both old and new) for items to display on the shelves, I was close. But not happy, as the white items read as cream when placed in the shelves. And I was worried that anyone trying to sit in the armchair would smack their head.
 So I made a few changes, and was (finally) happy.
(Although if this becomes anything more than a sideways scene remains to be seen...)

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Mad For Mod said...

I've always liked the grey and yellow together.