Thursday, December 12, 2013

There was only one rule

I arrived home this evening feeling a bit exhausted and, correspondingly, a bit grumpy. I got grumpier as I realised I had to make a scene to blog and as I played with various combinations that just weren't working for me, especially as I was trying to come up with something fabulous to highlight Pepper's generous gifts.

And then I took a step back. And asked myself a very important question:

What was the rule?

'Daily Dolls House December, in which I attempt to blog something mini related every single day for the next month.'

Well then. I'm not aiming for perfection. Or grandeur. Or the next cover image. I'm aiming to get back into the habit of making minis. And blogging about them.

And there's nothing wrong with making a small, simple scene occasionally.
Suddenly things got better. (Except for the bit where I spent a good 15 minutes swearing at my mini books as I tried to line them up with the front of the shelf. Then I told myself to just stop being such a Librarian, pushed them to the back and we were good.)

(Credits: 'Stone' wall: scrapbooking paper bought on a lunchtime trip to Eckersley's. Poster: Canoe dreams 'Sea of Indolence' by Alan Wehipeihana (picked up the same time as this card) Shelving unit: eBay. Vases:  Elisabeth Causeret and Kim Selwood, from Pepper. Kangaroo: Playmobil. Books: Various bought and handmade)