Thursday, December 05, 2013

Lofty aspirations

I realised this morning, as I threw this scene together over breakfast, that I don't often do 'masculine' scenes.
One-twelfth scale modern miniature loft space with a palm tree mural on the wall behind a futon bed with jeans draped over it.
The inspiration: A lunch-time trip yesterday to the Typo factory outlet (of course!) with a work friend. I bought two things: a pack of scrapbooking paper ($1) and a dead alarm clock ($2). Both of which ended up being used in this scene.

The intention: As I spotted to palm mural paper, I was already plotting to use it in a scene with the black wire bed I bought at the 2012 Sydney show. And have the bed in a state of un-made disarray (also quite unlike me).

The execution: I tried using a concrete floor (since I was reusing the space where my shed was sitting) , but the colours weren't quite right and, with the Navi chair I originally hoped to use as a bedside table,  things started to feel a little bit like a prison cell that had been 'cheered up'.

So I swapped in the black floorboards and they looked a heap better. After trialling several chairs I settled on the Eames, especially as I loved the ambiguity of if it is an original or a cheapy copy from Officeworks.

I'd dismantled a canvas I bought from Typo ages ago and kept the internal wood: a quick wipe with some raw umber paint (using an old pair of knickers from the rag box) gave me the posts, with a suitably weathered look.

And then it was (after I finished my now-cold breakfast) simply a matter of rummaging through my boxes of miniature accessories with the eyes of someone who might just live in a loft apartment with an unmade bed and a chair for a bedside table.
 The burning question: Do you think this apartment is in the same building as the white and bright apartment I blogged about in April last year?
(I'll let you toss that idea round)

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Mad For Mod said...

It looks like a surfer dude lives here. Hang Ten!