Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wondering what to do (aka: From 'no idea' to 'nailed it' in nine minutes)

After a lovely lazy day yesterday, I was up early this morning sorting and cleaning (and putting lots and lots of minis away so I could see my work benches again).

But as the day progressed I got more and more antsy: I had lots of lovely clear space to create a scene on but nothing was jumping out at me as the start of a scene when I walked past my piles of treasures.

And so stopped. Decided to ignore the overwhelming possibilities at hand and challenged myself to create a scene using something I bought on Friday as a starting point.

(2.25 pm) I pulled out the pad of scrapbooking paper.
(2.25 pm) Turned it over and wondered who on earth thought it was a good idea to put a hole in a pad of scrapbooking paper, while at the same time mentally discounting the first pattern as too big to use. No worries: I had the rest of the pad to explore...
(2.25 pm) Then I turned the page. And instantly thought of lino.
(2.25 pm) So quickly turned the pad up the other way. Maybe that giant rose pattern might work after all?
(2.26 pm) There happened to be a pile of vintage German red and white folding chairs at the side of the work area, so I unfolded one and added it as a test.
(2.26 pm) Liking what I saw, I pulled out one of my lengths of skirting board.
(2.27 pm) The vintage German dresser which was lurking on the other end of the workbench looks like it would  work, if I temporarily cover the original tiles with another colour. I popped it in as well.
(2.28 pm) Spotted a Typo travel wallet that I bought because I thought the outside might make a good screen, and added it to see if the colour worked. It did, but I'll need to ponder how I can use it best.
(2.31 pm)  Rummaged around in the trusty 'new bits waiting to be used soon' drawer to see what was in there that might fit. And, suddenly, realised that I'm building a beach house scene (something that seems to be a bit of a tradition around here at this time of the year).
(2.33 pm) There was a day bed hiding behind the kitchen units on my work bench so that got added (even though the cover colour is all wrong: that can be fixed, too). Plus some trusty Typo light shades.
(2.34 pm)  And a board off the side of a Typo crate, which I think would make a fabulous beach house table (I'll probably have to cut it down unless the residents are expecting a huge turnout for Christmas lunch!)
It's all very rough and ready, but the bones are there and a bit more work will pull it all together. I just hope I manage to finish this scene before I lose interest...

(Edited to add: See part 2 here, part 3 here and the final instalment here)

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