Monday, December 23, 2013

Second-hand scores

It's been a while since I last went op shopping, and I did very well mini-wise on that trip. So today, after a morning at the car wash catching up on reading while Miss Daisy had her six-monthly bath, and lunch with work friends, I did the rounds of some north-side op shops.

The first find was a stash of tapestry yarn skeins, just perfect for mini knitting. At 50 cents a skein, the lot came home with me to be added to my stash:
(Let's not talk about the fact I have a shoe box full of similar finds that I have not yet touched, shall we?)
 I also picked up a set of plastic drawers like the ones I used to hold larger-sized mini accessories. For $4, I'm happy to ignore the fact that these are white and the rest of the ones I own are black.

And, finally, there's a handful of National Geographics. Because every holiday house needs a pile of old National Geographics somewhere. I tried to convince myself (and a friend) that,in the seaside shack, they were hidden away in the sideboard, but I wasn't convinced. And I'm not sure she was, either. 

Oh, and in case you're in need of a pile of National Geographics in your mini scene, download this photo (Click on it to get the large size, then right click and 'save image as'):
Resize the image to a height of 2.125 cm (or, if you work in  1/6 th scale, 4.25 cm), print it out, cut it out and then glue around a piece of balsa wood (or similar) the correct size.

Then relax secure in the knowledge you have one of the main ingredients of the perfect summer break. In miniature, at least...

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